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Al Bleich

Al's presentation is remarkable. He takes you on a journey inside yourself and enables you to emerge with a heart full of gratitude and love. He combines laughter and tears to inspire and motivate. He is a reminder that love and faith are all that matter. --Dr. Anthony DeCarlo, Red Bank Veterinary Hospital

Optimism: My Fight Matters

My name is Allan Bleich. I have Parkinson's disease, but I am not Parkinson's disease. I've been married 24 years and I have two daughters in college. I'm a retired police officer after 25 years of service with two Life Saving Awards to my credit. I have also worked with Autistic Adults for three years at the Rutgers University Developmental Disability Center, and I was President of the Policeman's Benevolent Association for three years.

I first learned that life can change in an instant right after I retired from the police department. That′s when the tremors began in my hand. After several doctors and neurological exams, I was diagnosed, at 45 years old, with Parkinson's disease. Statistically, only 10% of people who get the disease are under the age of 50. And so began the fight of my life, and the fight for my life. Parkinson's disease affects my balance and coordination; it causes muscle cramps & spasms and a constant tremor. Yet I fight back. I exercise every day and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I encourage others to do the same. I am determined to kick Parkinson's butt, one tremor at a time! I continue to stay positive and motivated and I try to inspire others to overcome adversity in their own lives. I have since become the Chairman of the local Zoning Board of Adjustment in Piscataway Township, N.J. I am also the President of the N.J. Chapter of the APDA, American Parkinson's Disease Association. In addition, I coach a local running club. My life goes on, stronger than before.

I realized that life has a way of redirecting your plans. Parkinson's disease has provided me with a new focus and helped me uncover a gift I didn't know I had − motivational speaking. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, and healing. I've learned the power that one life can give to another.

My presentation is called “Optimism: My Fight Matters” and is approximately one hour long. My message is clear, simple, and straight from the heart − stay focused on your dreams no matter what life hands you. I also briefly discuss the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease to raise awareness. I do all of this through personal stories, some humorous and some tearful, but most importantly, I remind others to think positive, stay focused, and to always keep the faith! It would be my honor and my pleasure to speak to you and your organization. Please contact me at your convenience to schedule a presentation.

Thank you for your time.

With love and faith,

Allan Bleich

Inspiring, Enlightening & Motivating